Tid: 28. aug. 2017 - 30. aug. 2017

August, 28-30. Networking meeting: Occupational Hygiene in the NorthOrganizer: Department of Community Medicine, UiT.



Tid: 22. juni 2017 - 24. juni 2017

June 22-24. Planning meeting "Islamic knowledge transmission and education in Norway and Russia". Organizer: Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen.

Tid: 13. juni 2017 - 15. juni 2017

June 13-15. Workshop. Social policy, inequality and poverty in post-socialist societies. Organizers: CROP, UiB, Institute of Economics in Zagreb, CRCG at the University of York, Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg.


Tid: 8. juni 2017 - 9. juni 2017

Conference: "1917-2017: A Century of Revolution". Organizers: HF - ILOS - Ukrainske studier.


Tid: 31. mai 2017 - 1. juni 2017

31.05-01.06 First joint meeting of the North-European Network on Cyanobacterial Studies (NENCyS). Organizers: Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, BFE, UiT.


Tid: 29. mai 2017 - 31. mai 2017

Seminar: Yakut traditional music. Organizers: Faculty of Fine Arts, UiT.



Tid: 23. mai 2017 - 25. mai 2017

Individualised drug treatment and patient safety. Organizers: Department of Life Sciences and Health, HiOA.

Program (in Russian).

Tid: 22. mai 2017 - 25. mai 2017

Conference: A history of ideas. See information here.

Tid: 25. apr. 2017 - 26. apr. 2017

Conference: Olaf Broch. To be held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Organizer: DNUSP.


Tid: 17. apr. 2017 - 22. apr. 2017

Conference: Spring school in geriatrics. Organizers: UiO and North-Western State Medical University n.a. I. I. Mechnikov.

Tid: 6. apr. 2017 - 7. apr. 2017

Seminar: Russia and the ‘de facto’ states in the former Soviet space: explorations in patron‐client relationships. Organizer: NUPI.


Tid: 4. apr. 2017

Seminar: Teaching global and transnational history. Organizers: UiO and HSE.


Tid: 24. mars 2017

Arven etter Fridtjof Nansen. Seminar med deltakere fra Norge og Russland. Fire foredrag.


Tid: 23. mars 2017 - 24. mars 2017

Conference: Theories of Conflict and Peace. Norwegian and Russian Perspectives. Organizers: UiT and NTNU.

Tid: 15. feb. 2017 - 16. feb. 2017

Norgesdagene ved Higher School of Economics, campus Moskva og St Petersburg ble gjennomført etter initiativ fra den norske ambassaden i Moskva i samarbeid med Det norske universitetssenter i St. Petersburg.


Tid: 23. jan. 2017

Third International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages.


Tid: 14. des. 2016

Professional Development and Leadership: This 1-day leadership training is to further leadership skills and capacities of faculty members and leaders of health and medical academic units in St. Petersburg.


Tid: 15. nov. 2016 - 18. nov. 2016

The Norwegian University Center hosts the international medical seminar for PhD and Masterstudents 15 - 18 November 2016.

The seminar is a result of collaboration between University in Oslo and North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov.

A medical writing course is held 17 - 18 November as part of the seminar.


Tid: 30. sep. 2016

"Språk og identitet". Del II av styrets årsseminar blir organisert i Kyiv ved Institutt for ukrainske språket ved Ukrainske NAN.​


Tid: 28. sep. 2016

"Helse, velferd, teknologi". Del I av styrets  årsseminar blir organisert ved DNUSP.



Tid: 22. sep. 2016 - 23. sep. 2016

”Den nordlige sjørutes historie”. Konferanse organisert av historiker fra UiT og russiske historiker.


Tid: 7. juni 2016

Health Seminar in Cardiology, Stem Cell Research and Nano Technology, to take place at the DNUSP. About 30 participants.


Tid: 26. mai 2016

Arbeidsseminar innen rammene for prosjektet HNPla-2013/10050 "Developing a curriculum for a joint Norwegian-Russian masters programme in Arctic Studies".​



Tid: 13. mai 2016

13. mai, kl 14:00: Seminar på DNUSP for russiske lærere i norsk som fremmedspråk med universitetslektor Guro Reisæter fra Universitetet i Tromsø: ”Norsk som andrespråk i Norge og fremmedspråk i utlandet. Mål for undervisninga, innhold, metodikk, krav og evaluering.”

Tid: 25. apr. 2016 - 26. apr. 2016

On Monday April 25th we will discuss the status of knowledge and current practices of pain management in surgery and labor. The following day, Tuesday April 26th we will discuss current and future research projects in pain management. The meetings are organized at The Norwegian University Center, Saint Petersburg and held by Researchers from The Faculty of Medicine at NWSMU Mechnikov, The Russian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopeadics named after R.R. Vreden, The University of Oslo, and Oslo University Hospital and Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital.