Who to contact about what?

Find employees and who is on the center board

Research and research stays

  • Apply for a work place at the center for research stays
  • Seek access to the center in order to organise a conference or seminar
  • Get assistance in contacting relevant reesearchers or institutions in Russia
  • Get assistance with access to scientific collections and archives in Russia
  • Requests about different types of visits to the center

Center director Tamara Lönngren

Phone: (+7 812) 327 8048

Visa questions

  • Sending over passport information in order to get a visa invitation
  • Questions on visa applications
  • Help with visa registration on arrival to Russia

PLEASE NOTE: Visas for groups should always be administered and coordinated by the responsible person for the group! 

Head of Office Kseniya Zaretskaya

Phone: (+7 812) 327 8048

Nordic Ph.D. course in political science

The Nordic ph.d. course in political science is administered by the course coordinator who maintains the direct contact with the center.

  • questions on the course content
  • questions on how to apply
  • questions on visa invitations (for the ph.d course)

Researcher Arild Moe, Fridtjof Nansen's Institute



Bachelor's courses

  • Questions on application deadlines, admission, duration
  • Questions on the content of the course
  • Visa questions for course participants

Questions should be directed to the coordinator of the course at the sending institutions.

Master's courses in political science

One semester (2 x 15 ECTS credits) in political science / comparative politics

Application procedures:

UiO students apply through the "Søknadsweb" locally

UiB, UiT and NTNU students apply on a special form that is submitted to the course coordinator.

Questions on the course content should be directed to the course coordinator, researcher Arild Moe - arild.moe@fni.no


Master's courses in art history

One semester (2x15 ECTS credits) in art history


Questions on the course content should be directed to the course coordinator, Siri Skjold Lexau - siri.lexau@lle.uib.no