Research activities at the center may be divided into three main types: The board’s annual seminar (also called the annual conference), other types of user initiated conferences and symposia and work places for researchers, Ph.D. students (and master’s students) in order to carry out research.

Annual conference or seminar

Each year the Board supports a researcher or research group financially to hold a seminar or symposium. The seminar should have a balanced number of participants between Norwegian/Nordic and Russian institutions. The Ph.D. level should be represented, if possible. This takes place

The researcher or research group is responsible for coordinating the contact with the center on issues such as visa invitations for their participants.

Other conferences and symposia

The center is open for any initiative to hold resarch conferences and seminars within all academic fields.

Contact the center on your conference or seminar plans well in advance: Due to hotel bookings and visa invitations the center needs the names of all non-Russian participants at least three months before the seminar. Read more on coordinating visas for groups here.

If the center assists in the planning of research projects and research contacts, the center must be mentioned in any resulting reports.


Research stays

Researchers and Ph.D.s who need a working space (office or computer access) at the center must contact the center about their wish well ahead of time, particularly if the center should assist with research contacts in Russia or with access to libraries and collections. Master's students may also apply for a place at the center for thesis writing.

The center helps out with visa invitations and accomodation.

Read more about visas for research stays here.

Academic networks

In 2016, the centre made a call to finance the establishing of Norwegian-Russian academic networks.
A number of such networks are now collaborating on different topics.

See list of academic networks