Tid: 6. des. 2017

Seminar: Untying the Arctic Knots of Russian Politics – Domestic and External Factors.

Organizer: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).


Tid: 16. nov. 201717. nov. 2017

The NAD metabolome of human cells – understanding a fundamental metabolic and signaling network.

Organizer: University of Bergen

Tid: 14. nov. 201716. nov. 2017

Seminar: Science, Technology and Medicine. Global Challenges. Organizer: TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture – UiO.


Tid: 12. okt. 2017

Seminar: Physiological mechanisms of humans and animals in the processes of adaptation to environmental changes (PHAsE). Organizer: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.


Tid: 27. sep. 2017

Dimensions of Ageing – Multidisciplinary Seminar. Organizer: Norwegian University Center in St Petersburg.


Tid: 28. aug. 201730. aug. 2017

August, 28-30. Networking meeting: Occupational Hygiene in the NorthOrganizer: Department of Community Medicine, UiT.


Tid: 22. juni 201724. juni 2017

June 22-24. Planning meeting "Islamic knowledge transmission and education in Norway and Russia". Organizer: Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen.

Tid: 13. juni 201715. juni 2017

June 13-15. Workshop. Social policy, inequality and poverty in post-socialist societies. Organizers: CROP, UiB, Institute of Economics in Zagreb, CRCG at the University of York, Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg.


Tid: 8. juni 20179. juni 2017

Conference: "1917-2017: A Century of Revolution". Organizers: HF - ILOS - Ukrainske studier.


Tid: 31. mai 20171. juni 2017

31.05-01.06 First joint meeting of the North-European Network on Cyanobacterial Studies (NENCyS). Organizers: Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, BFE, UiT.


Tid: 29. mai 201731. mai 2017

Seminar: Yakut traditional music. Organizers: Faculty of Fine Arts, UiT.



Tid: 23. mai 201725. mai 2017

Individualised drug treatment and patient safety. Organizers: Department of Life Sciences and Health, HiOA.

Program (in Russian).

Tid: 22. mai 201725. mai 2017

Conference: A history of ideas. See information here.

Tid: 25. apr. 201726. apr. 2017

Conference: Olaf Broch. To be held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Organizer: DNUSP.


Tid: 17. apr. 201722. apr. 2017

Conference: Spring school in geriatrics. Organizers: UiO and North-Western State Medical University n.a. I. I. Mechnikov.

Tid: 6. apr. 20177. apr. 2017

Seminar: Russia and the ‘de facto’ states in the former Soviet space: explorations in patron‐client relationships. Organizer: UiO.


Tid: 4. apr. 2017

Seminar: Teaching global and transnational history. Organizers: UiO and HSE.


Tid: 24. mars 2017

Arven etter Fridtjof Nansen. Seminar med deltakere fra Norge og Russland. Fire foredrag.


Tid: 23. mars 201724. mars 2017

Conference: Theories of Conflict and Peace. Norwegian and Russian Perspectives. Organizers: UiT and NTNU.

Tid: 15. feb. 201716. feb. 2017

Norgesdagene ved Higher School of Economics, campus Moskva og St Petersburg ble gjennomført etter initiativ fra den norske ambassaden i Moskva i samarbeid med Det norske universitetssenter i St. Petersburg.


Tid: 23. jan. 2017

Third International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages.


Tid: 14. des. 2016

Professional Development and Leadership: This 1-day leadership training is to further leadership skills and capacities of faculty members and leaders of health and medical academic units in St. Petersburg.


Tid: 15. nov. 201618. nov. 2016

The Norwegian University Center hosts the international medical seminar for PhD and Masterstudents 15 - 18 November 2016.

The seminar is a result of collaboration between University in Oslo and North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov.

A medical writing course is held 17 - 18 November as part of the seminar.


Tid: 30. sep. 2016

"Språk og identitet". Del II av styrets årsseminar blir organisert i Kyiv ved Institutt for ukrainske språket ved Ukrainske NAN.​


Tid: 28. sep. 2016

"Helse, velferd, teknologi". Del I av styrets  årsseminar blir organisert ved DNUSP.